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Beauty in Strength


Traditional workout programs and routines focus on looking good. CrossFit focuses on actually being good, on actually being athletic – not just looking athletic.

CrossFit will change you from the inside out. Looking good comes from being healthy, strong, and fit. You can’t fake that. Form follows function. When you learn to start focusing on your performance, the aesthetics will take care of themselves.

CrossFit doesn’t take a lot of time.

CrossFit strengthens.

Once you learn proper technique, you will be lifting weights. But it will always be safe. You might be surprised by what you can do!

Don’t worry, lifting weights will not make you bulky. You need testosterone for that and sorry, darling, you just don’t have enough testosterone to get big.

Conventional approaches to selling you fitness promise “toning” or “firming.” What does that mean? These are your two choices: lose body fat (get leaner) or build bigger muscles. With CrossFit you will get both. A problem develops when ladies starve themselves and log countless hours running or on elliptical machines trying to ‘tone up’. You can’t “tone up” without lean body mass (muscle). Without lifting weights to develop shapely and functional muscles, you are going to be skinny fat. That means you may look ‘trim’, but there is nothing on your bones but flabby fat, and you still won’t be athletic and able to enjoy life . There is a better way…

CrossFit empowers.

Most women start CrossFit to lose weight. That is ok, CrossFit can help with that. Usually, after a month or two, you are going to enjoy being and feeling strong and athletic. Your focus will naturally start to focus on your health, not just your looks.

Would you like to be able to do a pull-up? Or 10?

Now don’t worry, all of the workouts are scaled to your individual level. This is not a competition. This is you learning and growing and actually enjoying your time in the gym.

Scaling a workout means adjusting the prescribed weight or exercise to accommodate your personal skill level and strength. Pull-ups could be done with a band to provide assistance or with rings instead.

Ready to try it? Call or email Justin for a complimentary introduction to CrossFit or come to a workout on a Saturday morning at 9 am. justin@rosevillecrossfit.com

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