75 pounds in 1 year, 3 workouts per week:

16 pounds in 1 month:

43 Pounds of REAL Change in 10 Months – “Commit to 60 days you will be hooked. … I will never go back to a standard gym again”

I feel like it is time to share my story of the last year in hopes of inspiring someone who may be considering Crossfit.

I heard about Crossfit from a friend. I tagged along with her one Saturday morning last December. I remember that first warm up. By the time we finished I was thinking, “that is just the warm up? what is this workout going to be like?”… The workout kicked my butt!

It took me a few months to be fully committed to changing my workout regime and eating habits. What I had been doing at a standard gym obviously wasn’t working. I needed to change. I was battling the bulge and the bulge was winning!

My wake up call was the day I was shopping for new jeans and I had to buy a size 16! I had been denying that fact that I was getting fatter – I had been telling myself the stores are making clothes smaller now a days…it’s not me. It’s the clothes. I stepped on a scale for the first time in probably 6 months and almost cried when I saw the numbers pop up. How did I get to almost 190lbs? I’m only 5’4!

I came back to Crossfit at the end of February. I started Weight Watchers and was ready jump in to my new diet plan and step up my workout.

My first workout as a member was great! People had recognized me from my test run back in December. In true Crossfit Roseville fashion, Justin had everyone introduce themselves to me. Then it was time to work out. I was feeling a little discouraged when I saw the work out on the board. There were several stations that were set up including wall ball, dead lifts, running and pulls up. I couldn’t run – I had an old injury on my knee and plus the extra weight it was hard for me to run more then 400 meter at a time. I couldn’t do a pull up, even with the thickest blue band….The coaches and other Crossfit peeps were all encouraging. At the end of the workout I felt inspired (even with all the adjustment we had to make to the workout).

I stuck with it! I wanted to lose 20 lbs. That was my goal. I lost about 12 pounds in the first 6 weeks – slow and steady. Clothes were starting to fit better and I was starting to believe in myself again. I was also making progress on pull ups and could comfortably jog long distance now without my knee bothering me!

By May I had lost 35 lbs and felt fantastic. Every month I continue to make progress and beat my personal records. All in all I have lost 43 lbs since I started Crossfit in February! I went from a size 16 to a size 5! More then the weight I feel better, I have more energy, my knee rarely ever bothers me! I will never go back to a standard gym again!

My advice to anyone that is considering trying Crossfit commit to 60 days…you will be hooked!

Thank you to everyone who has ever pushed or encourgared me during a workout. I’m looking forward to making more progress in 2012.


Kevin G. tracking his changes.

Do you want real body composition change? Ask the tester where to find it.

Results Happen Fast

Endurance Athletes

Well, let it be known.
ironman 70.3 vineman 2010 – overall time 6:36
ironman 70.3 vineman 2011- overall time 5:53

improvement 42 minutes

For those that don’t know, this is a drastic improvement in the endurance world. What you also don’t know is that after 2010 Vineman i set out to improve on my own in my next ironman event by the standard workouts which include just more of the same. I decided I just need to run and ride more. so I did. to my disappointment in April  2011 I ran the Oceanside 70.3 and a received a 6:26. 10 minute improvement is pretty much no improvement. A decreased time of 10 minutes can be done in a quicker transition time. Not impressive.
So i decided I need to try something different. May 2011 I signed up for crossfit and it has made all the difference. Increased strength, increase stamina. Not only that but I know I can do even better! there is still room for another 45 minutes to an hour of improvement!
Also, very important to note is the confidence factor. Everyday at crossfit when one finishes the WOD it is a psychological win. A huge accomplishment! this definitely translates into any feat one is trying to accomplish. There was never a time where I thought this was too much for me. the thought was, “I’m tired but not done, strengthen that core and keep movin! ”

Thanks crossfit roseville for the 1:30 plank workouts after the WOD!


Dave P.

My CrossFit Story: Kevin Miller“, free CrossFit Journal video, preview – [wmv] [mov]

From Overweight to CrossFit Coach” with Lou CallejasCrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]


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